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PC Technology Training

Personalized instructor led multimedia training is offered in our comfortable PC training facility for popular PC topics ranging from the basic “How-to” for new PC owners to application and internet training. Courses are offered on a flexible schedule to meet your training needs. The facility is equipped with PC’s, multimedia projection equipment, and dry erase white boards.  Contact us if you would like to arrange a class.Training Facility


PC Training Classes

Windows Basic Computer. 

Learn how to operate and manage your PC using the Microsoft Windows  operating system.  Course covers basic skills required to manage your installed software, personal files, Windows navigation.  Click here to view a printable course outline.


Windows 7

Learn about the new features available in Windows 7.  Discover the differences between Windows Vista and Windows 7. Understand how the new Explorer  Libraries work in Windows 7, learn how to start programs, work with folders and files, setup a digital camera, use WordPad to create and edit documents, send email using Windows Live Mail, browse the Internet, manage your contacts and appointments using Windows Live Contacts and Calendar.  Includes tutorial videos of key new Windows 7 features. Click here to view a printable course outline.



Basic Internet Training. 

Learn how the internet works.  Understand how to navigate the internet and protect yourself from viruses and internet fraud.  How to setup email, address books, and favorites on your PC.  Click here to view a printable course outline.


Microsoft Word 2003 Basics.
Learn the basic concepts of word processing using Microsoft Word XP/2003.  Learn how to cut, copy and paste, compose simple letters, change fonts, set margins and create envelopes.  Click here to view a printable course outline.


Microsoft Excel 2003 Basics.  

Learn the basic concepts of using Excel. Learn how to enter data, perform basic math calculations, use formulas, create charts and print spreadsheets.  Click here to view a printable course outline.


Microsoft Excel 2007 Basics.

This is an updated Excel training class that covers Excel 2007. The Vista version of Excel has an entirely new Ribbon User Interface that is different from the 2003 and prior versions of Excel. Learn how to use the new ribbon interface to enter data, perform basic math calculations, use formulas, create charts and print spreadsheets.  Click here to view a printable course outline.


Microsoft PowerPoint 2003.

Learn how to make slideshow presentations.  Learn how to create slides, insert photos and artwork, create transition effects, and other advanced PowerPoint features.  Click here to view a printable course outline.  Click here to view a printable course outline.


Microsoft Office 2003 Basics. 

Learn how to use the fundamental software components found in a typical office environment.  The basics of using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2003 will be covered along with how to perform standard email functions. 


Digital Photography How-To. 

Learn how to download your digital photos from your camera to your PC.  Crop, resize, edit, enhance, print, store and organize your digital pictures.  Course includes free digital photo enhancement and presentation software. Click here to view a printable course outline.


Computer and Internet Basics for Seniors

Basic computer/internet training aimed at individuals with little or no computer skills starting with Mousing Around.  Learn how to use the mouse , step by step tutorial and hands-on training using exercises and games.  Learn about left-click, right-click, double-click and scrolling with your computer mouse.


Next, learn how to Harness Email.  How does email work, anatomy of an email message, understanding email addresses, finding email addresses, sending email messages, attaching files or photos to email messages, downloading email attachments, managing your email messages, stopping spam email, email etiquette, and web based email. You will learn how to use the power of the internet to be able to communicate effectively with your friends and family.


Surfing the Web, understand what an internet browser does and how to use it to search for information on the internet.  Learn how to save and manage your web addresses as bookmarks or favorites.  Understand what a web address means and how to access a web address directly or by clicking on a hyperlink.  Learn how to differentiate between a safe and secure website and a potentially malicious phishing website. Learn how to keep your PC safe and secure with internet security software.


Care and Feeding of Your PC

Learn how to maintain your computer to avoid problems, protect your PC from viruses and other security concerns, manage user accounts, improve your computer's performance, personalize your computer so that it works the way you want, automate the backup of your personal documents and files.  Includes free programs to help you analyze your computer and understand how to troubleshoot problems.


Tablet Computers - How To Select and Use a Tablet (Android, Apple, Kindle)

Interactive discussion about what a tablet device is, including what they can and can’t do. Identify factors that make certain tablet devices better choices to perform the types of tasks you expect to accomplish with a tablet.  We will examine the typical features and specifications found in tablet devices and how those features might assist you in making better choices to buy and use a tablet device. You can view the class handouts by clicking to download the following materials in PDF format.


Download Files:



Training Tutorials

For beginning PC users, we offer this clever tutorial for learning how to use the mouse. The exercise is aptly named Mousing Around.  If you are lucky enough to successfully complete all of the sessions, you can play some web games that will further improve your mouse skills.  Click here to Mouse Around.

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